In recent days, InfraRural successfully completed its participation in the International Student Energy Summit (SES 2017), which is a global forum focusing on the management of sustainable resources and the role that students around the world will play in defining the future of global energy development.

In this 2017 the event was held in the city of Merida, Yucatan and as part of the activities carried out the «Community Contribution Program» was developed, in which InfraRural, through a volunteer program, built 56 » Xalpaneca «in the community of Zavala, belonging to the municipality of Sotuta, in the state of Yucatan, Mexico.

1. Voluntarios con usuaria al finalizar estufa

This community, which has a long tradition and speaks Maya, warmly received more than 60 students as part of a team of volunteers from different countries such as the United States, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, France, Australia, Africa, Ghana, as well as Mexican students.

2. Emilia inauguración voluntariado

The volunteer program was prepared by the InfraRural team implementing our community intervention program from months before its implementation. There were different visits to choose the community that had the necessary conditions to develop the program of stoves and that, in turn, will have a greater need for the application of our technology.

Through our community penetration and intervention program, different awareness activities were held with the community to learn about the main problems associated with the use of the open bonfire and to propose the solutions provided by our «Xalpaneca» Efficient Stove. Thanks to this community intervention program is that the development and implementation of our technology was a satisfactory experience and very well received by the community.

3. Uriel con presentación

Volunteer activities began on Saturday, June 17 with the training of volunteers, a session that aimed to sensitize participants on what were the community conditions to intervene, as well as the health and environmental issues that occur due to cooking with an open bonfire.

4. Capacitación

For Sunday 18, the inhabitants of Zavala gave a warm and affectionate welcome, in the courtyard of the sheriff station, to the dozens of volunteers, who one by one present themselves to the community and later organized the teams of work together with the beneficiaries to start the construction of the stoves, showing that collaborative work was fundamental to build a large number of devices in a short time.

5. Usuaria con cajón sonríe

During Monday 19 students, locals and InfraRural continued the construction day, resulting in 56 Efficient Wood Stoves Model Xalpaneca, which will free 56 kitchens and 56 families of the smoke from the combustion in open bonfires. It is worth mentioning that despite the heavy rains, the mood of volunteers and beneficiaries did not decline allowing the proposed goal to be met.

6. Voluntarios y usuaria construyendo

To conclude on Tuesday, June 20, the devices previously built by the InfraRural team were turned on. Women from the community and volunteers were able to observe this process along with the indications for the proper maintenance of the «Xalpaneca» stove; this process is fundamental to achieve optimal use and that the life of the stoves can last for many years. The volunteer work ended with a meal prepared by women from the community who made typical dishes of the region, afterwards we said goodbye with a closing ceremony with representatives of InfraRural, SES 2017, Nomad Republic, the commissary and locals of Zavala as well as some volunteers which wanted to say a few words of gratefulness to the community.

7. Encendido de Estufa

From InfraRural we thank all the volunteers of the program, the International Student Energy Summit 2017, Nomad Republic, the community of Zavala and the various sponsors, such as Heineken and SEDUMA, for the realization of this program of 56 stoves; Thanks to this great collaboration, the project was successfully concluded. In addition, thanks to the strong support of the sponsors, we will continue with a new project to build 30 more stoves, benefiting most of Zavala’s families, and expanding our intervention in the most Marginalized communities of Yucatan.

8. Familia con estufa

9. Cierre con logos

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