Merida will be hosting the 2017 International Student Energy Summit (#SES2017) on June 13-18, 2017. The purpose of this event is to bring together young people from different disciplines and regions to talk about the global energy sector, its challenges and opportunities.

The SES2017 will involve all countries in Latin America, bringing together 800 students from a total of 120 countries; as well as 40 leading speakers of the energy sector.

By asking ” If you had to organize this year’s Energy Summit, what would you do?” an invitation was sent to several world’s organizatios to make a proposal in order to decide this year’s Summit location. The resolution was to carry out several high social impact activities. InfraRural will be collaborating in these activities by organizing volunteers to build efficient wood stoves and planting trees during the reforestation days, with the goal to promote a sustainable use of wood, positively impacting hundreds of residents in lagged and marginalized communities surrounding Mérida City.

The deadline for volunteering to the #SES2017 is around the corner!! For more information about it you can visit our website and social media pages, as well as in the #SES2017 sites.

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